Isochrones for Public Transport


The Iso4App has implemented this wonderful service based onto the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), also known as GTFS static; it's purpose is to provide isochrones to be used in transport planning. We provide our technology as software as a service; you can use our javascript library or rest api in your project. Currently we have set-up the public transport on Tolosa (France) and only for demo purpose.

Understanding isochrones for public transport is very complex, but we guarantee that the result is really precise, and the user can effectively analyze the public transport network.

You will be able to view the urban areas reachability departing from a precise date/time; a 5 minutes delay could produce a very different result.


Generate multi-polygons isochrones which represent the reachable areas from a given source point specifying total trip time, maximum pedestrian walk time and starting date/time

Provide a list of reachable public transport stops. For each stop we provide: stop name, latitude and longitude

Available trasport type: bus, tram, rail, subway, cable car, ferry and gondola

Customizable maximum route changes

Customizable pedestrian maximum walking time

Customizable pedestrian speed

Potential Customers

Departments of urban transport

Public transport agency

Companies working on urban sustainable mobility

Transportation engineering company

and more ...


For demo purpose we have set-up the Tolosa GTFS file downloded from website.

You can ask for 10 minutes isochrones without registration. If you wish to view isochrones with different times (between 5 and 60 minutes) registration is required.


You can ask to set-up your preferred city providing us the GTFS files. If the GTFS files is a public domain file we can use it.

In addition we can manage more than one GTFS file version for the same city, so you can view the difference between the reachable areas. This option is very useful when you have to understand what happens when you change/add/remove a route or change its timetable.

You can use our demo page or you can integrate our service on your platform. You can use our JavaScript API or Rest API (please ask for documentation).


In order to receive a quote please specify your needs mailing to us at



The Trip Time is the total time for your trip, this time includes time lost in walking between stops and waiting plus the transit time.

The Walking Time is the maximum time you want to spend on walking during the trip.

The Walking Time must be less than the Trip Time and when you get off the public transportation, the remaining walking time can not be greater than the remaining trip time.

Walking Time options:

  • Total: this is the total walking time for the whole trip. When you reach a stop on foot, the time spent goes to decrease the total walking time.
  • Each stop: this is the walking time always available for each stop.
Trip on Public Transport

All these calculations for all trips combinations in just one click

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